Athena Systems scores 935, the top score in the OMS/PMS industry, in an independent cybersecurity evaluation developed by the firm UpGuard

New York

February 3th, 2021

In 2021 alone, there have been 9 known major data breaches, comprising of over 230 million records containing personally identifiable information (PII). These are in addition to the high-profile incursions into Sonic Wall and Solar Winds.

“Attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. If you do not have world-class cybersecurity protocols, it is not a matter of IF your operations will be compromised by a hacker, but WHEN” states Luis Otero, Chief Technology Officer at Athena Systems.

Mr. Otero continues, “As a SaaS firm, we have always focused on cybersecurity, but in recent months, our team has doubled its efforts and further improved our cybersecurity to ensure complete protection of our clients’ data. Due to the fear and concern caused by recent breaches, we needed to independently evaluate our cybersecurity, demonstrating that we maintain our technical dominance over our competitors and that our firm is strongly committed to the cybersecurity of our clients’ data.”

As a result, the company has obtained a brilliant score in the cybersecurity evaluation developed by the firm UpGuard Inc.of Mountain View California, a complete third-party risk and attack surface management platform.”

On a scale between 0 and 950, Athena Systems is proud to have obtained a score of 935, a difference of more than 100 points from our nearest competitor, according to data provided by UpGuard.

How does UpGuard’s Security Ratings work? According to UpGuard, “The security rating calculation for a domain or IP address is based on hundreds of individual checks that can be grouped into the following eight categories”: Email security, website security, phishing and malware risks, open port exposure, domain hijacking risks, intelligent security questionnaire results, credential management and reputational risks.

The objective of this evaluation is guaranteed by its empirical and independent character, and as they themselves state,” no commercial agreement or lack thereof, gives an organization the ability to improve their security rating without improving their security posture”.

For the complete report, including the full OMS/PMS industry comparison, please contact Athena at

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