The SMA (Separately Managed Accounts) model has become increasingly popular. There is a considerable amount of “day-to-day” work for operations and portfolio management staff alike. For this reason, traditionally it’s been larger firms that adopt the model and scale it. However, we are now seeing the model seep it’s way to smaller, even new launch, asset managers. What this means is, smaller teams are taking on the regular burden and require a software solution to ease the process and eliminate error. We see that asset managers are struggling to find a software solution that allows them to manage their accounts efficiently at a price point that makes sense.

Why do software vendors hardly face these challenges in an appropriate way?

Most software vendors are stuck in the last century, trying to keep pace with the technological revolution as best they can. Unfortunately, their old habits of implementing solutions that are not very adaptable to the new scenarios and to the characteristics that make each company unique, have led them to inefficiency when dealing with SMAs. Furthermore, they usually demand exorbitant prices to mitigate the great effort that these challenges represent for them.

What different alternative do we offer?

Athena Systems is constantly moving forward. With a team of IT and finance professionals all in one, we constantly design strategies that allow us to adapt to any changes and requirements that SMAs, and any type of financial company, may have.

Far from staying in the past, we update Spark, our investment management software, constantly for any setback or need. We offer a cost-effective, semi-custom approach to the problem that can be both tweaked for a specific clients carve-outs and implemented without trouble.

Want to see more? Get information about what Spark offers and its different modalities depending on what you are looking for. You can also contact us with any questions or concerns and we will give you an immediate proposal of what we can do for you.