Madrid – October 5th, 2021  – Javier Barra, Sergio Matarredona

When you launch a fund, there are many tools you need to ensure that everything runs efficiently. Some of these tools are not indispensable, yet they will make the job much easier. But VPNs? Is that weird thing we use to watch series on Netflix only available in other countries indispensable?
Well, it is not indispensable. However, using a VPN and, above all, knowing which is the best option for your company requirements can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Let’s see what they are and how they work.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows users to access a company’s servers virtually and securely. It does this by encrypting the data your computer sends and receives over the internet. This function has become even more relevant since the pandemic as it allows employees to work securely from home. Through VPN encryption, sensitive data remains secure while a user browses the network. VPN’s also allow a company to fine-tune its access control.
We have our own VPN at Athena System to control access to our servers and resources globally. This is instrumental in keeping productivity up in a company with a global footprint. With our secure VPN, our employees can work from anywhere.

Software or hardware VPNs?

Choosing between a software or hardware VPN is an important decision. Depending on the services or the capabilities you are looking for, you may be more interested in one or the other.
To use a software VPN, you must connect your devices (computer, cell phone, etc.) to the VPN servers. This is useful as it increases the privacy of your actions. All you need to do is enter your data and you’re all set. Easy and without needing to be a tech expert.
Hardware VPNs, by contrast, require a device located in your network. The VPN connection is generated through the workplace’s Internet network. It is a faster and safer option since you will be provided with your own IP. The cost is greater going the hardware route, but the security is inherently better as well.
The biggest advantage of a software VPN is, as mentioned before, the easy installation and the lower prices. Nonetheless, hardware VPNs, due to their high security and greater speed, are a better option for a larger shop in the long run.

Disadvantages of a VPN
Commonly, not all employees have access to the same materials. Typically, companies give them authorization to different levels of data, depending on their needs. This results in one of the two main disadvantages of VPNs.
On the one hand, it is time-consuming and tedious to set up individual access to specific areas for each team member, especially in large firms. Companies often opt to maintain several VPNs or have employees access several VPNs. Nevertheless, VPNs can also be distributed by departments; and users can be put into more general groups according to the needs of those departments.
On the other hand, when an attacker gains access to a VPN, they automatically have access to all data and information residing on that server.

What does Athena do?
If you are looking for a free option, OpenVPN is what you are looking for. It is not a VPN, but a free protocol with which you will be able to set up your VPN. Although it is not the best provider in the market, for zero dollars you will have a very secure protocol. Its biggest disadvantage, on the other hand, is the lack of a support channel.
The best-paid option, and the one Athena Systems uses, is Cisco VPN w/2FA. Whatever option you choose, paid or free, we are available to help you make the right choice for your company and implement it. Consider leveraging our experience with VPNs as the business continues its paradigm shift from in-office to remote-
Want to see more? Get information about what Spark offers and its different modalities depending on what you are looking for. You can also contact us with any questions or concerns and we will give you an immediate proposal of what we can do for you.


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