A company, and in general, any organization, whether public or private, depends on each of its employees. It does not matter how many workers there are -dozens, hundreds, or even thousands-. Nor does it matter what function they perform within it. To achieve objectives, everyone must be on the same page and share the same goals.

New York – August 4th, 2021

Communication within the customer

To be on the same page, there needs to be clear and effective communication between all members to enable them to know what tasks need to be done and how. When several people are involved in the same task, periodical contact will allow the team to execute it in the best way, keeping everything under control.

This also avoids isolation between departments, since there is a clear interdependence between all the departments present in a company for a project to progress. In other words, the work done by one department affects the outcome of another and vice versa. They must collaborate and communicate the different states they are in for any last-minute changes in the plan.

A good way to simplify this is to create flowcharts that highlight each step of the process, allowing each member to communicate and understand what step they are in. Thus, the rest of the team will know, from their experience in the process itself, what they can help with and what difficulties the member may be facing. This flowchart should take into account each area of the company involved and reflect their role.

Communication also has an impact on how the workers themselves feel. It is well known that in a pleasant and comfortable environment, productivity is much higher. When it comes to managing a project, a good relationship between workmates will result in an effective outcome.

Communication with the company

Giving confidence and closeness to the clients is always important. It will make them feel that the company values them and will provide them with the best possible treatment and service. The customers give their money trusting that the supplier will fulfill its part of the agreement within the established time frame.

Regular communication with updates and information will allow them to see how the project is evolving. Therefore, the supplier makes them feel that they took the right choice. In conclusion, keep the customer inside the project to value them as they deserve.


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